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A B.C. wildlife website is expecting millions of visitors in the next few days as viewers hope to catch a hugely popular springtime phenomenon â€Â" eagle eggs hatching.

The Hancock Wildlife Foundation has cameras aimed at five eagles' nests.

They all have at least two eggs and eaglets are expected to emerge from them at any moment.

"The first of those that's going to hatch an egg is probably going to be [Thursday] and it's the Delta 2 nest, which is one of our five nests," said David Hancock.

Anyone with a computer will be able to watch the chicks hatch in real time.

They might also see another reality of nature in the raw â€Â" ravens stealing or eating the eggs.

And there are other common threats, said Hancock.

"It's not just the daytime ravens," he said. "It's what's going on at night with horned owls and raccoons that we now realize is more of a problem."

Millions of people have logged onto Hancock's website, often watching for long periods when nothing much happens. But he said there are times when it's all worth the wait.

"These tiny, helpless little birds come into being and the parents so carefully feed them. And watch them as they develop in 12 weeks from hatching to flying."

With files from the CBC's Tim Weekes

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