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EastLink customers on upper-tier high-speed internet packages could end up paying a little more for their service next month.

In July, EastLink will implement usage-based billing for some of its customers. Those with "40" and "100" packages, their fastest services, will pay extra if they use more than 250 gigabytes, about what it takes to download 65,000 songs or 100 HD movies.

EastLink spokeswoman Jill Laing told CBC News Thursday in the last few months the company has been warning customers who come close to the line, and telling them how to monitor their use.

"Why should you have to pay usage-based billing? Well I think, you know, at the end of the day we're looking at how customers can best manage their usage," said Laing.

"As we know traffic on the internet continues to climb and increase."

Laing expects only one per cent of EastLink customers will go over the limit. If they do they will pay a dollar for each extra gigabyte they use. Laing said the company has no plans to puts limits on their slower service.

Eastlink serves customers all across Canada, except in Saskatchewan and the territories.

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