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Ontario's privacy commissioner is calling out the Gatineau, Que., bus drivers union for using privacy as a defence for a distracted driver caught on video.

Ann Cavoukian told CBC News the driver, who became a YouTube sensation when he filled out paperwork on his steering wheel while operating an STO bus, had no privacy rights.

She said only individuals have privacy rights that need to be protected.

"It is outrageous to characterize this as a privacy invasion because it is not a privacy issue," said Cavoukian.

"When you are performing a job, in this case a public service involving public do not have a privacy interest because your work should be transparent," she added.

The bus drivers union publicly complained this week, saying riders shouldn't be allowed to record drivers because it violates their privacy.

Union head Félix Gendron said the City of Gatineau should ban video recording devices on all STO buses.

"I think that the person who makes the video, if they don't like the way the driver's doing that, they should go tell the driver. Not go put that on TV," said Gendron.

Cavoukian added Ontario has not had any complaints regarding bus drivers and privacy, but did say an investigation years ago in Toronto found it was legal to record video on buses.

She also acknowledged STO is not in her jurisdiction, but still wanted to know the next time the issue was raised.

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