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The federal government was the subject of a rare complimentary report on one of its environmental initiatives today.

Toronto-based Environmental Defence had high praise for the Chemicals Management Plan. The document was billed as a progress report of the program that began in 2006.

"The Chemicals Management Plan, in global terms, is cutting edge. It has led to decisions on a few dozen chemicals that has put Canada in the lead in terms of human health protection," said Dr. Rick Smith, the executive director of Environmental Defence.

Dozens of substances that were formerly deemed safe have been added to the Toxic Substance List, which means their use can be controlled and limited. The most famous among them is bisphenol A, or BPA, a chemical that softens plastic but is believed to cause hormonal problems in humans. BPA is now banned from use in baby bottles.

"I think the BPA decision is very significant. Frankly, one of the most significant environmental decisions that Canada has taken in decades," added Smith.

The government is proud with the results of its five-year-old plan.

"This initiative has been very successful. Our government will continue its important work through continued collaboration with stakeholders and industry and providing additional funding," said Health Minister Leona Aglukkak in a statement released by her office.

But the news wasn't all good. Environmental Defence found significant deficiencies in listing chemicals related to the production of oil and gas. The group found that deadlines in studying and listing those chemicals were not being met.

The Chemicals Management Plan is managed jointly by Environment Canada and Health Canada.

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