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Hollywood studios, recording labels, artists and internet service providers have created a program to alert internet subscribers when their accounts are used to access movies, songs and other content that entertainment companies consider unauthorized.

The new "copyright alerts" system is intended to educate consumers about online piracy by sending up to six electronic messages notifying subscribers when their accounts are used to download or share such content. Internet service providers in the U.S. would send the alerts to a subscriber after receiving a notice from a copyright holder.

Consumers who ignore the notices could face "mitigation measures," such as slower Internet connections or redirection to a special website that provides information about copyright protections. Internet service providers would not be required to terminate any subscriber accounts or hand over subscriber names to copyright holders.

Among the groups and companies participating in the new program: the Motion Picture Association of America and member companies including Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.; the Recording Industry Association of America and member companies including Universal Music Group Recordings and Warner Music Group; Independent Film & Television Alliance; and internet services providers including AT&T Inc., Comcast Corp. and Verizon Communications Inc.

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