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A Winnipeg company has developed a smartphone application to help motorists avoid potholes.

Called iPothole, the free app allows users to plunk a digital orange traffic cone on a map. The pothole is then marked by GPS and posted online, where it can be tracked on a website.

Created by Winnipeg-based Telenium Inc., the application also enable users to label the potholes three ways:

  • Small: one foot or less in diameter â€Â" portion of the road material is broken away. Holes and lumps.
  • Medium: one to three feet in diameter â€Â" quick swerve to avoid. Deep ruts.
  • Large: three feet or larger â€Â" road is not passable for most cars. Moon-like crater.

"It places a little cone on the map and that way the next person driving down the road can say, 'oh look, there's more potholes there. I should take a different route,'" said Telenium's Chris Friesen.

The new technology is a good way to avoid bursting a tire or wearing down your shocks, he said.

The company is in discussions with several cities, including Winnipeg, to integrate the technology into their systems, said Friesen.

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