Technology Science - Zuckerberg's dog on Facebook but blogger booted

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Chinese blogger and activist Michael Anti wants to know why he is less worthy of a Facebook account than company founder Mark Zuckerberg's dog.

Anti, a highly popular online commentator whose legal name is Zhao Jing, said Tuesday his Facebook account has been cancelled because he is using a pseudonym and not his real name.

He says his account was suddenly disabled in January when company administrators told him that Facebook has a strict policy against pseudonyms.

However, there is apparently no policy against poodlenyms, or any other type of dog names.

Zuckerberg recently set up a Facebook page for his new puppy, a small Hungarian sheepdog or puli called Beast, complete with photos and a profile.

The most recent post on Beast’s wall says: “I just took a dump and made Mark Zuckerberg pick it up. It was glorious.”

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